Islamic Ambience

To educate the daughters of millat in the light of teachings of the Glorious Quran & Hadees fundamentally and also equips them in higher standard. To generalize Islamic teaching in pristine purity with the help of methodology of Sahaba and



Academics Alhamdulillah, the formal subjects at the Jamiatus Saria Al Asaria lil Banath are taught in accordance to the Andhra Pradesh Govt. Syllabus (Medium urdu) from Nursury – VI standard. The formal subjects, namely:• English • Mathematics • Physics •


Admission Open

We appeal all Muslims brothers and sisters to come forward and admit their girls in this Seat of Wisdom and Divine Knowledge so that ‘Daughters of Islam’ may play righteous role in the practical field as obedient servant of Allah.

Jamia Tus Saria Tul Asaria Lil Banath

About us

It is an admitted fact that any nation or group of people who gains education and equip itself with wisdom and knowledge attain high position. It is also a natural law that whoever nation polishes her understanding capacity and wisdom

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Aims & Objectives

Qualities of Jamia

1. To arrange education with modern and latest methodology purely in Islamic atmosphere ,Spacious class rooms and vast ground for sports and games , Four years Diploma course. , One year Islamic course for elderly ladies, To remove UN Islamic faith ideologies and customs from Muslim society with the help of Islamic principles.