It is an admitted fact that any nation or group of people who gains education and equip itself with wisdom and jamitus-saria-directorknowledge attain high position. It is also a natural law that whoever nation polishes her understanding capacity and wisdom with knowledge , takes the position of sound and inspiring leadership. The paramount importance of divine knowledge can be realized as in the very first revolution, it has been commanded, ‘O’ , prophet ‘Read’ O Mankind !


Read, how should one read ? one should read with comprehensive meaning of ‘understanding Allah’ ,the creator ,the one ,the true, with sincere devotion and follow His law in its highest mening and with righteous deeds, be on the journey of life which is actually an examination .

Pursuant to the above noble teachings. Muslims have been in the pursuit of knowledge state of affairs . answer was given “ How can we educate our children when we are not in possession of requisite financial status? This wan an arrow of degraded society which pierced in the hearts of founders of Jamia . From this time onwards , it was realized that something should be done for the good and welfare of muslim Umma . on one side this idea was taking root in the hidden depths of hearts and on the other side inspiration of Allah was forcing and a lady who was having a deep desire for this noble cause, rushed forward and Jamiatus Saria come into picture . This seat of wisdom and divine knowledge with the name of Jamitus Saria AlAsaria Lil Banath is will known and it is playing its constructive rule since last twelve years . This school of Islamic Studies and modern education is spreading the light of pristine purity of is Islamic teachings i.e. the teaching of the Glorious Quran and Sunnah.

The religion before Allah is Islam only . This means absolute submission to the will of Allah . The Islam in its simplicity and purity , is also a complete code of life. Its teachings are very fair and fine . It has been the sacred duty and fovourite noble mission of prophets to preach and propagate Islam. In pursuance of noble mission of prophets , jamiatus Saria Alasaria for girls was established .

How this school was founded , referred to some historical moments of 2002 when it was observed that some boys and girls were playing in the lanes and streets of Baba Nagar quite regardless of their education and future life. When enquiries were made in regard to this neglected and wisdom without creating a gulf between Islamic and modern education in the past consequence , muslims could play righteous and inspiring role of leadership and brought mankind into a new era of peace and prosperity .

Subsequently . muslims deviated from this principle which led them into downfall in all walks of life. In addition , utter disregard was shown also by muslim in educating their girls as a result of which neither a muslim‘s house could become an ideal Islamic one nor Islamic values could be observed in society . Rejecting of faith, wrong doings and features of our every day life. Keeping in view this spiritual and word degradation of muslim umma , some people who are having deep desire to set right the affairs of muslims , came forward and established namely Jamiatus Saria Alasaria for girls in 2002 so that rays of light of Islamic education may remove the darkness of false hood which is prevailing in the area of Baba Nagar .dscf0153 For this noble cause of Islam, excellent arrangement have been made for educating girls by appointing distinguished scholars of Islamic studies and other able and learned teachers of modern education . Isha Allah “daughters of millat” , after being equipped with Divine Knowledge , would bring about healthy changes in family lives and also in society .

Jamiatus Saria Alasaria for girls is a non-residential school where there is a beautiful combination of Islamic and moden education . We would appeal all muslims brothers and sisters to come forward and admit their girls in this “ Seat of Wisdom and Divine Knowledge” so that ‘Daughters of Islam’ may play righteous role in the practical field as obedient servant of Allah , sincere and honest members of family and society and the best citizens of the county .

In this way , the ultimate goal of ‘Eterna Success’ in hereafter life, may be attained .